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For those new to astrology and learning aspects, I put together a practical example of how these things can work and manifest in the real world.

How aspects work — a mini-lesson in astrology and a thread. Using Sun in the 11th house natally and Saturn transiting the 5th house. Thus, sending a hard aspect or an opposition to the native’s Sun.

The point of this thread is to show to those who don’t know how aspects work how astrology is not woo-woo all the time and it can be quite practical in Your day-to-day life. …

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Before You let anyone convince You (especially Yourself!) that Your life is set in stone 100% and astrology or Your chart is 100% set in stone, as well as that we don’t have any free will (and You can’t change Your circumstances), here’s a hopefully inspiring story.

About 8–9 years ago I was still:

A drug addict.

An alcoholic.

Severely depressed, although I didn’t show it = I played it cool and joked a lot.

Deeply insecure.

Suicidal = this one hurts the most.

No desire to create anything.

Felt powerless to do anything about it.

In the victim state…

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I used to think astrology was some sort of fortune cookie type shit people read to feel good or better about themselves. I didn’t see it as valuable at all. On the contrary, I saw it as an illusion, a deception.

Approximately 9 years ago I was asking some big questions about life, relationships, etc., and came across a YouTube video from a channel which name hinted (Astrolada) that it was mostly to do with astrology, and for some reason, I still decided to click on it. My mind was blown quite quickly. …

In this short video and conversation, I sat down with Cindy and Joe of Foxdreamer to talk about spirits, the connection to them, and how we can practically start connecting with them ourselves.

And what to do, who to call when things get too intense. Check out the video on YouTube.

Ian Altosaar

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After sitting with and letting go of previous pain I still had from a past relationship, it hit me again.

How to liberate Yourself from pain?

Just feel it and see the painful blessings in those situations. Doesn’t matter how much they hurt You, You are still here. That emotional strength came thanks to those moments, people involved. This is a treasure deeply disguised in pain. When You finally feel it, You can see the distorted rainbow in it all.

If You continue to judge the pain and those situations = the pain will keep on coming, You will stay…

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First of all, I get how much this hurts in Your relationships and partnerships. Been there and done that. These are not the easiest configurations to be dealing with on a daily basis. I feel Ya. People who got really hard hit by this were born during the end of July and the beginning of August 1988 (there are obviously other timelines but this one I’m intimately close to). A moment in time when Venus was opposite both at the same time!

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A short post on personal aspects while trading. Reminder, research is still ongoing, or always ongoing. These are things I have picked up on during approx. 3 years while following these and executing trades (not a full-time trader).

Positive personal aspects (Jupiter and Venus related or even Mercury, Sun, etc., and trines, sextiles) don’t always guarantee positive results. Conjunctions are even more difficult = can lead to losses. What they do is make the person feel more optimistic, feel-good transits. But yes, it is true that they bring more opportunities and even let us call them easier opportunities. But risk…

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We all move with Our perfect ideas

Perfect judgments of how things should be

But life is a constant reminder that Our judgments are imperfect at best

As we move through these “fantasy worlds” we have created for Ourselves

We only need to stop for a second to see the tragedy of Our thoughts

“Maybe this?”

“Maybe that?”

“If I’m like this, dress like this, act like that, talk like that, maybe then?”

“Maybe then I will be loved?”

“Maybe then I will be appreciated?”

“Buy this and own that?”

“Things need to be like this and that? Things aren’t…

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Not financial advice, only data. Trading is a highly risky endeavor, stay safe out there.

We have lots going on for BTC personal aspect-wise. The week starts off with Venus sextile radix Vertex on 23.02.2021.

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You being “spiritual” or doing “spiritual” things is an illusion.

There’s only spirit. You can’t do anything other than spiritual things. Going to work is spiritual. Wiping Your ass is spiritual, as is the action before the wiping.

Going to spiritual retreats and seminars is as spiritual as anything else. And although it offers the individual an excuse to feel better and “special” about themselves, there’s nothing special about it.

You are the same as the murderers, rapists, criminals, and “not so spiritual” people who don’t “do yoga retreats”. Absolutely everything is spirit. Or spiritual.

The reason for judgment towards…

Ian Altosaar

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