Your KARMA For The Next 1,5 YEARS! Developments in BUSINESS And Society! North Node In Gemini, And South Node In Sagittarius. Personal PREDICTIONS!

Ian Altosaar
19 min readMay 4, 2020
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There are two very karmic bodies in our solar system. In Vedic astrology, they are called Rahu — The Dragon’s Head, and Ketu — The Dragon’s Tail. In modern astrology, they are called the North Node and the South Node respectively.

In very simple terms, Rahu is what we are meant to go towards during this lifetime. And Ketu is what we are meant to let go of. It is something we have already experienced in a previous life. Ketu things come more naturally to us in this life. So, we don’t have to pursue them so aggressively.

Rahu is also where we can achieve a sudden jump in our social standing. Meaning, wherever Rahu is in our chart, and we start mastering that area, success in life can come.

And with Ketu, the more of a detached and spiritual (altruistic, wanting to do good type of energy, to serve mankind) kind of approach we have, the more Ketu will give us. It is limitless in it’s giving, which means it can actually give a lot.

The nodes switch signs every 1,5 years. And when observed, we can see that the areas (or signs) the nodes are currently in, get more attention during that time. Success comes to those areas (or letting go, detaching). Stock markets move in those directions, business, etc.

If we consider all of the above, we should be able to see how important the nodes actually are.

In this piece, I’m going to dissect the following 1,5 years from the perspective of the nodes because we are right at the cusp of the nodes switching signs. North node moving from Cancer to Gemini. And south node moving from Capricorn to Sagittarius.

In order for us to know which areas are going to be affected most, we must understand the signs thoroughly.

Let us start with Gemini, meaning the areas the world is going to be moving towards more intensively for the next 1,5 years.

Gemini is all about communication and business. Social media, sales, funnels, marketing, advertising, media, TV, newspapers, online business, writing, speaking, teaching and learning skills, smaller communities, local

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