Uranus Retrograde 2022 Predictions For All the Zodiac Signs

Ian Altosaar
5 min readAug 2, 2022

Almost all the planets need some Gatorade currently…

If things get any worse and nobody gives them any other sports drink, Gatorade will have a monopoly on all the planets.

To make things worse, the planet of truth, shocks, sudden surprises, lightning!, networks, systems, supply lines, and friends, followers is going to need a lot of Gatorade from the 24th of August 2022 until the 23rd of January 2023.

That’s a lot of Gatorade.

And although the Gatorade brand ambassadors are celebrating, this opens the next 3–4 weeks up to a lot of shocking events around the world.

To save us from the Gatorade monopoly that is pulling it’s dark and controlling ruling fist over us, here are some predictions for all the Zodiac signs.

Start with Your Ascendant, then Sun and Moon (both are good).

Aries = sudden changes in finances. Putting money into something suddenly or investing into it suddenly. Sudden income. Even putting money into food and practical resources. During the retrograde period having to shift and change financial matters. Ups and downs with how You see Your worth. Putting money into achieving Your goals and dreams. Desire to create money and resources quickly but must work towards them gradually.

Taurus = new path in life opens in a not so pleasant way. Has been opening for a while. Sudden changes in Your life in general, overall. As well as career, working life. Something sudden can happen with one of the parental figures or bosses. Desire to break free from old chains and open an entirely new path in life. Knowing Taurus’s, You will be fighting against it as long as You can and holding on to the old. But You can’t do that anymore. Wanting to hold on to an old career, mission in life.

Gemini = sudden opportunities for rest, subconscious patterns releasing and coming to the open air to be healed. On occasion this can happen through dreams, teachers, or mentor figures. Or even the father figure. Even something You are learning currently. Your old belief systems are keeping You attached to these patterns. At times You can’t even understand where the anxiety is coming from. Sudden dealings with people in foreign lands or…

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