The Constant Rebirth Or Living With Pluto In The First House

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Having this placement in Your birth chart literally feels like constant dying and rebirth.
You are either in the process of dying or being reborn. Which from my own personal experience can be quite challenging.

To understand this better we must understand what the 1st house in astrology represents.

The 1st house in astrology is Your destiny in life. It is what You came to experience in this lifetime in general. This is the path chosen pre-birth. Your general outlook on life, the physical body and how You perceive the world. What You most want in this life.

Now we must take a look at what Pluto represents.

Just to be clear this does not mean that the 1st house and Pluto only represent these things that I speak of. These are the energies most important for me to convey this message to You. So You can understand others with this placement or understand Yourself on a deeper level.

Pluto is the great Phoenix, to comeback story, and literally power. Many different kinds of power, the power of deep seeing, the power over others, the power in Your life, in society. It represents death and rebirth, secrets, deep and hidden things, research and plumbing. In my recent observations, I’ve discovered that it represents mining as well.

Now that we know all of this we can see how this placement in the 1st house can manifest like the title of this piece.

What to do with this knowledge?

When You have this type of placement literally expect Your path in life, Your general outlook in life to change dramatically over time. And the thing with Pluto is that it’s a very slow change. So the dying process can last for a long time and so can the rebirthing. If You are like me, a bit impatient, this can really hurt. And knowing what we know about the 1st house, this can literally hurt the physical body. The pain of letting go of a belief or a certain way of seeing the world (when it’s no longer serving You) is not as easy as it sounds. And it can be felt by the physical body as well.

What can be done with this placement?

Well with Pluto or with any planet, it is best to let Yourself go into that energy. The more You fight those changes, be it inside or outside, the more it will hurt.

Good things to physically do: therapy, psychotherapy, meditation, wearing black, darker colors, dark red and purple, practicing the art of letting go. This last one I believe is the key.

How to let go of something or someone?

This in my personal experience has no easy answer. For some it is a decision they make in their minds, in their being, to be done with something. I even burned things and watched them burn. Looking at a live fire or a fireplace is a good meditative practice.

One of my personal favorites is a practice I’ve done many times and still do. I’ve written about it here.

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