Living With And Through A Transit Of Uranus In The 7th House

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The following article describes the emotional state when experiencing Uranus transit on the 7th house. It will also give examples of real-life situations.

First, we need to understand what the 7th house in astrology represents. The main focus of the house in my experience is relationships. Committed relationships, partnerships, business partnerships, the first marriage is also represented by the 7th house.

Now we have to look at Uranus, The Great Liberator.

Uranus has the energy of freedom and liberating us from what no longer serves us. It also represents large groups of people, networks, social circles, networks, internet, innovation, science. Among other things.

In my own experience, I’ve observed it really wants what is best for us but Uranus really does not care about if it’s comfortable or not. Uranus energy and transit can be really intense.

Many sudden changes, highs, and lows, new desires and ideas emerging.

The past 7 years Uranus was in the sign of Aries (aggression, energy, short spurts of energy, muscle, quickness, quick and fast decisions).

I believe the combination of these energies allowed me to have the following experiences during the past 7 years.

Many people left my life, groups I had been involved with for many years, friends, lovers. Most of it came from an inside push and feeling that these are not serving me anymore. It was quite hard to let go of these but like I said, Uranus does not really care. So it literally took them away from me. People just left or I felt personally that I needed something else entirely.

It also gave me new partnerships, relationships out of the blue. Ones that served me for a moment in time and again they left very suddenly. That’s how Uranus likes it.

One of the biggest things that happened for me during that period is my own inner understandings of relationships. What do they mean, what they really are and what are they for?

Here Uranus brought new ideas on how to be in a relationship, what do I even value in relationships, partnerships and most importantly, what do I really need in them.

If You happen to go through one of these long-lasting, intense transits (or how I like to call them, rides) then be prepared for these themes.

New people disappearing as suddenly as they appeared. Same for other types of partnerships. Be ready to have Your inner world understandings of these things rocked and be ready to reevaluate it thoroughly.

Because Uranus actually wants what is best for us. It just does that in not so subtle ways. It wants to liberate us from the old and give birth to new and better things.

At the end of the period hopefully, You will have those people around You who are best for You. And the same goes for business partnerships.

Or for some of You, You might be transforming Your current partnerships into something else entirely. It could be a change for new things in old relationships. A new way of being in them that serves both sides. This can only happen if both parties are willing though. Otherwise, the energy of Uranus will end these stagnated relationships.

What You could do to ground some of that Uranus energy?

Channel that energy into Uranian things. Like IT, computer programming, social media, social networks, innovation, thinking new ideas, researching relationships and most importantly, practice the art of letting go of things. And welcome in the new. Also wearing dark blue crystals, or dark blue clothes can ground that energy. I also started taking magnesium during this transit. Some sages say this helps as well.

So Godspeed my friends, hopefully, Uranus does not kick Your butt but knowing Uranus, it probably will.

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