About the recent #tech layoffs at #google and what’s to come.

Ian Altosaar
2 min readJan 21

When the abundant and expanding Jupiter left Saturn alone into Aquarius squaring Uranus (all related to the technology industry) myself and other astrologers talked about the problems (including layoffs and restructuring) that were about to hit that industry in various blog posts and multiple YouTube channels.

That has now come and will continue. Saturn will end it’s stint and square end of March 2023 but the last few months of it will be extremely brutal — just like we witnessed with the #google layoffs. As well as other companies.

Furthermore, Saturn and Venus (money, contracts, agreements, partnerships) again are meeting in Aquarius. This means that we will again for approximately a year have the same themes in the technology industry:

Restructuring, cutbacks, lower wages, layoffs, minimalistic approach, doing things with less money, reorganizing agreements and contracts (can mean layoffs).

That’s all good but what will come after the end of March of 2023 when Saturn finally ends it’s run in Aquarius and enters Pisces?

What are the other industries that will now feel and practically experience the blocking, limiting, and hard work of Saturn?

This can mean layoffs, cutbacks, and restructuring (less work for humans).

Movie industry (actors will be hit by it in a negative way)

Music industry Creative arts industries, designers, creative artists, and painters (AI has already started this process) More difficult years for creative people in general — they have to restructure how they work

Travel industry

Alcohol industry (taxes increase)

Pharmaceutical industry

The mushroom and weed industry

The Hotel/SPA and leisure industry

The gaming industry

The drug industry (more regulations, clamping down on criminals)

If You are interested in a longer version of what Saturn in Pisces will bring, here’s a long blog post with personal predictions for the individual signs as well.


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